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A small but growing satellite village for Cambridge and Peterborough. It is located on the edge of the Cambridgeshire Fens and is in close proximity to some of Britain's oldest native woodlands, namely, Monks Wood, Aversley Wood and Archers wood. Sawtry is first mentioned in an Anglo Saxon Charter of 1055-1066 as Saltretha, when land was left to Ramsey Abbey by Thurgunt, wife of Turkil the Dane.

Sawtry is later mentioned in the Domesday Book (1086) as Saltrede, an Old English term meaning "saltern’s stream". Saltern is a term used to describe an area used for salt making. The stream (its possible location is near to where the Black Horse Drain intersects Ermine Street) would have been used to bring salt from the fenland waterways. From this point it would have been carried away on pack horses or mules. There is reference to tolls exacted from loads of salt passing through nearby Winwick in the Northamptonshire Assize Roll of 1202. Other variations on the name Sawtry include Salteria (1146-53), Saltreda (1183), Sauteria (1184) and Sautre(ye) (1235).

In ancient times salt was a very important commodity. Its ability to preserve food was a key survival resource for civilization because it reduced the dependence on the seasonal availability of food, enabling long distance travel. Salt was often difficult to obtain and therefore a highly valued trade item. The trade in salt can be traced from before the Bronze age up until the twentieth century. Salt was of key importance to the Roman Empire, who controlled its world price. The word 'salary' being derived from the Latin word salārium, originally meaning: "a soldier's allowance for the purchase of salt". The Romans would have most certainly taken control of the salt production in the fens and all its trade routes, so it is no surprise to find evidence of Roman occupation and a major Roman road in this area.

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Gibbs Removals carry out hundreds of Domestic and commercial moves every year.

At Gibbs Removals, we are a local name dedicated to providing a stress-free house removal and storage experience when moving house or business. We offer a range of professional and affordable services, from moving furniture, to relocating businesses, to secure storage solutions.

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If you’re searching for trusted removal companies, our firm has years of experience relocating families and businesses. Our removals are highly rated on Trustpilot & Google.

Once you’ve made an enquiry about our Removals services, we can arrange a free visit to discuss our process in further detail, answer your questions, and measure the volume of items you need us to move. This will help us ensure we provide the right team and equipment for the job, as well as help us provide an accurate quote.

Once we’ve agreed on a quote, we can then arrange a time to suit you for your move.

If you’re packing items yourself, you will need to make sure that everything is ready for our removals team to load onto our removal van. If you’ve arranged for us to do your packing for you, you can sit back and relax knowing that we will take care of everything. The only thing we ask is that small valuables, personal documents, and cash are handled by you.

Concerned About Costs?

At Gibbs Removals we offer transparent house removal prices with no hidden fees or extra costs. Our knowledgeable surveyors measure carefully to ensure that your quotes are correct. Our free, no-obligation quotes are designed to help you choose us with confidence. Complete our request a quote form online today to get your removals quote started.


We are full trained in disassembling and reassembling all furniture from beds, wardrobes tables etc. We do not charge by the hour this service is all included in the quote given to you before the start of the service.

Our Services

Gibbs Removals offers four main service packages which can be fully tailored to suit your requirements. These include:

Full Packing & Unpacking Service for a stress-free solution

Owner Packing Service that provides you with all the packing materials you’ll need, we also have a selection available in our shop

Long & Short-Term Storage for domestic and commercial items

Commercial Relocation for offices and businesses

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